The Real Miami Vice

Never got on with this one. The story was first mentioned to me by an officer with the US Customs Service when I was researching Cocaine. It was obviously appealing. The problem was, the Aronow story is way too big to tell in a couple of thousand words – especially if you include the details of who called in the hit, how the case was eventually cracked and the ensuing jailbreak attempt. A classic example of trying to do too much, and trying too hard generally. I remember showing the text to Sam Faulkner just before I submitted it. ‘Pedestrian’ he told me. I was livid. But he was right. Not that that stopped Hollywood getting in touch about it. Doubtless there is a great film to be made about Don Aronow. Doubtless, also, this should not be the template.

It’s not that bad. Just not as good as it should have been.

Publication: Esquire Magazine
Download: The_Real_Miami_Vice_Esquire_Magazine.pdf