Extract from Chapter 5: Stuff Happens

Context: Chapter 5: Stuff Happens – published in The Guardian newspaper (G2)
Location: N/A
Date: January 7th 2011
Interviewee: N/A

An extract of Chapter 5: Stuff Happens from A History of the World since 9/11 which was printed in The Guardian newspaper in the UK in January 2011.

  • Download page 1 here (938KB)
  • Download page 2 here (146KB)
  • Download page 3 here (173KB)
  • Download page 4 here (156KB)
  • Download page 5 here (165KB)
  • Download page 6 here (175KB)
  • Download page 7 here (158KB)
  • Download page 8 here (172KB)
  • Download page 9 here (190KB)

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