Brainwash: mind control source interviews

For those interested in this kind of thing, new interviews are available in the ‘Source Material’ section of the site. These include:

Monsignor Denis Faul – Northern Irish human rights campaigner on Internment, the British Army’s use of ‘interrogation in depth’ in 1971 and how the IRA purloined secret interrogation techniques in the immediate aftermath of the incident, including the use of white noise, wall standing and hooding.
Reverend Sam Davies – the only British military padre taken prisoner in Korea on Chinese brainwashing techniques and conditions inside the camps.
Dr Ronald Sandison – the first British doctor to use LSD – on the drug, his discovery of it, how he gave it to psychotic patients in Wales in the 1950s and his relationships with Timothy Leary, Albert Hoffman and Aldous Huxley.
Wilson Bryan Key – the godfather of subliminal conspiracy theorists on how US advertising agencies insert smut into merchandising campaigns for household products, his purported role with US Special Forces in Panama (!) and the Judas Priest subliminal trial.
Examples of Key’s work and theories will follow shortly.


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