9/11 images: killers, asylum seekers, victims, intelligence intercepts – and 377 tonnes of high explosive powder

Photos of the lead protagonists in the new book, A History of the World since 9/11, can now be viewed at the Gallery. Mark Stroman, hero (‘anti-hero’?) of chapter 1, is there showing off his tattoos, as is Abdul Malik, who appears in chapter 3. There will shortly be pictures of the

Children Overboard incident that forms the heart of  chapter 2. Alongside them are some interesting documents that make up the start of chapter 4 – the original contracts and correspondence for the aluminium tubes order that led to the Iraq invasion in 2003.

There are also tons of pictures of the Iraqi weapons plant, Al Qa’qaa (subject of chapter 5)  including US soldiers at Qa’qaa from KSTP-St Paul,

'We found something that we didn't recognise' says Yusuf. 'It was like a powder. It was stored in specific conditions, in specific barrels' Yusuf, near Iskandariyah, April, 2009. Chapter 5: STUFF HAPPENS

Minneapolis, footage of the explosives they found there, the original Iraqi authorities’ document stating that the explosives had been stolen, and some satellite imagery used by the Pentagon to ‘prove’ that the materiel had not been there when US troops arrived in April 2003.

Finally, there is a screen grab of an interview with a man I’ve called ‘Yusuf‘ (a former bomb maker for Al Qaeda in Iraq) who helped me to put the pieces together regarding what had actually happened to the 377 tonnes of PETN, RDX and HMX.


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