Sendero Luminoso, George Jung, crack houses and more

Thank you, Helen and Victoria, for your comments. It’s not often that I come across people who have read these books – less often those that actually enjoyed them. It always cheers me up.

I’m just going through old negatives and have come across some stuff that might interest you if you liked Cocaine: there are loads of pictures of George Jung, taken at FCI Otisville in 1999/2000 and a bunch of pictures of Peru’s Shining Path I took when we interviewed them for UK Channel 4 News in 2003 – including a few shots of the group’s leader, Comrade Artemio (still Peru’s most wanted man). Beside them in the envelope was a little pile of pictures of Peru’s special forces hunting Artemio in the jungle, blowing up cocaine labs along the way. It was an interesting assignment, jumping out of helicopters with the military, hunting a guy we’d just interviewed somewhere else a few days earlier…

There are also some pics of the crack house I wrote about in ch12 of Cocaine and I’m putting together a montage of photos taken in Colombia, Peru and Bolivia over a 5-year period – following the cocaine-making process from leaf to hydrochloride. A kind of  ‘how to make cocaine‘ recipe, if you like (does that sound horribly tabloidy?).

From Brainwash there isn’t much in the way of imagery but I found some pictures of Paul Ingram and the Ingram house in Washington State – where the satanic rituals and murders were alleged to have taken place, as well as of Black Lake Bible Camp in Olympia, where the allegations first surfaced. I think there’s one of Judas Priest hanging out with the psychologists advising them on the ‘subliminal’ trial.

Also there are some other writings – a piece on LA’s Crips and Bloods that went out in Esquire a few years ago – and another on the assassination of the speedboat builder, Don Aronow. Someone in Hollywood tried to buy the film rights for this piece a few years back. They offered me some money, told me they wanted George Clooney to star, then promptly vanished.

I found tons of early drafts for Cocaine and Brainwash, too, as well as material that got cut for one reason of another. Might be of interest to someone. I’m working out which interviews can be posted but I suspect they’re all going to need cutting down and editing, which may take some time.

From the new book, A History of the World since 9/11 I’ve got photos of the book’s main protagonists, as well as bits of the text relating to them (the pictures won’t mean much without some sort of an explanation). I’ve got to speak to the publishers to see what I can actually say about the material in the book itself…

Thanks for your interest and kind words, again.



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