Cocaine, Brainwash, A History of the World since 9/11

My mate, Chris (understands technology, makes websites, stole my girlfriend ten years ago then married her – but that’s another story) has been insisting for years that I need some sort of web presence. Personally, I disagree. My publishers (Atlantic Books in the UK and Bloomsbury in the US) don’t. They want to promote the new book, ‘A History of the World Since 9/11‘ (due February 2011)

Chris has suggested that people might be interested in learning about past books – ‘Cocaine‘ and ‘Brainwash‘, as well as this one – and that I might have old material lying around that never got used. He’s also set up this site. So, under great pressure, I’ve buckled. I’ve been up into the attic, unearthed all the research stuff and will be downloading as much of it as possible here. If you’re interested – and I can work the scanner – you will shortly be able to find pictures, interviews and all sorts of goodies relating to FARC, Cocaine, crack, the Shining Path, Colombia, the CIA, Pablo Escobar, street gangs in Los Angeles, exocet missiles and terrorists (if you’ve read the books, you can imagine there’s quite a lot).

There will also be a great deal of stuff relating to the new book, which covers the ‘War on Terror’, George Bush, Tony Blair, the CIA, Extraordinary Rendition, Uzbekistan, Australia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, AC-130 gunships and Iraq. I’ll post as many of the original interviews as I can – as well anything else that might be of interest.

Please be patient. I’ve never even owned a mobile phone. This might all prove beyond me.


2 thoughts on “Cocaine, Brainwash, A History of the World since 9/11

  1. Chris was right! Although these things always sound pathetically cheesy, I just wanted to say thankyou for writing cocaine. An educational, non bias bite into the reality of the drug industry. I think this should be made into a compulsory school book.


  2. I rarely feel the need to contact an author – via his publisher – to express thanks for an informative book, but, in your case I feel this must be done. Your choice of subject, content and use of language is stimulating to say the least. I loved a definitive history of Cocaine. When I mention to people that they must read your book, I often get blank stares indicating why on earth would I want to know about drugs? Your book gave me an insight into culture, colonialism, cocaine use, the drug trade, politics etc. Honestly one of the best books I’ve read for a long time. Brainwash a secret history of mindcontrol was fasinating. Just now I read an article on the BBC website concerning the CIA and secret use of LSD in France in the 1950’s. There is so much we are unaware of in the world we live in due to a controled media landscape. Anyway, thanks for the interesting read. I look forward to the content you intent to make available on this site and your upcoming book.


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